I'm Krista, your sunny new online business BFF

Your Creative Life was founded with the goal of bringing businesses just like yours to the forefront in this ever-changing online world.

My specialty is new website designs and website brand/content refreshes for product and service-based businesses.

I work with Shopify and Squarespace because one of these options is a top-of-the-line fit for most businesses - plus you'll be able to manage minor changes yourself saving you $$ over time!

Check out my portfolio below!


YCL Primary Services

🦩 Shopify Website Designs that stand out & get you and your products noticed online!

🦩 Squarespace Websites to display your portfolio or services beautifully!

🦩 Visual Brand Packages that reflect your personality and vibe!

🦩 Online Courses & Templates to ensure your products, services and brand get noticed!

YCL Add On Services

Marketing & Communications Platform Setup & Integration

Let's get your EMS (email marketing service) or your CRM (customer relationship management) tools set up and integrated with your website so you can grow your audience and automate your workflow!


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    Creativity is my Currency.

    I follow my intuition and my passions in life and I love finding the perfect creative solution for my clients!

    It's also become my creative pathway to support small and medium sized businesses by setting up the right tools to create efficiencies in workflow so you can spend your time doing what lights you up!

    You are one of a kind and your online presence should reflect that!

    BTW: If your website isn't your Primary Business Tool then we should chat!

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    Your Creative Life believes:

    • Rest is just as important as hustle. Mindful breaks... essential.

    • What you appreciate, appreciates. What you dwell on multiplies.

    • Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

    • You don't have to be a workaholic to be successful. Really.


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