Win the Internet with these 5 steps to success
Are you struggling to stay on point with your social media? Here are my recommendations to keep you winning the internet:
✔️ Frequency:
Many followers don't see 50% or more of your content, so if you need to get a particular message or promotion out, you need to talk about it more than once.
✔️ Timing:
If you are hosting an event or have a deadline associated with a promotion, most of your audience will not see your content on the day you are delivering it. So post in advance to capture wider attention!
✔️ Location:
Continuously remind your audience where you are located. Some of your ideal audience doesn't live in your city or town, so don't forget to keep reminding them where your live events are held or what the physical address is of your business you are inviting them to.
Plus, don't forget to include your location in your bio and/or your geotags - this will help increase your reach as well!
✔️ Your Purpose!
What's the purpose behind why you do what you do? Share this! People have a natural desire to connect on a deeper level and want more than surface-level business promotions. Tell your story, tell the story of how you got to where you did and why you have the passion to continue the journey you are on!
✔️ Sell the solution!
Your audience likely already knows what it is you sell or serve, so most of your social content should be highlighting the problem your audience may have and how your products and services provide the perfect solution.
✔️ Niche Down
Don't forget who you are talking to. Niching down doesn't eliminate demographics from your audience it allows you to zone in and speak more directly to the portion of your audience that is most likely to be loyal and engaging with your content - which boosts you in that pesky algorithm, showing you to a wider audience of your preferred clients.
✔️ Keep it casual!
Real people want to connect and feel like they are talking to an authentic person, who has some of the same obstacles and accomplishments they have had.
Focus on providing value, generating community and not the # of followers you have.
And Keep Showing Up!

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