3 Simple Q's to infuse magic into your website!

I often think about how to incorporate magic into my daily life and thankfully I am fortunate enough to create magic in my work for my clients. It's a beautiful thing when you follow your passions in life!

In this work, I truly believe if we create from a place of intuition and intention, magic is the product of that scenario.

Now let's infuse some of that magic into a website strategy... These are the questions I develop each and every strategy around, and you can do the same as well!

Does your website ATTRACT, create a CONNECTION and provide SOLUTIONS? When designing a website, these are my three pillars of content development.

Let's break it down:

1. Does my website ATTRACT? You want to create a series of engaging pages that will draw in your audience and keep them on the site. This means using visuals, content, colours and fonts that appeals to your target audience and creates an inviting atmosphere that represents your brand. Utilize professional grade photos and stock images to tell a visual story that entices and impresses your visitors. Your website is only as strong as your visual representation.

2. Am I creating a CONNECTION? Connecting with visitors is paramount when building trust with a new audience. You want them to stay on your website and interact with your offerings. The best way to do that is to tell your story in bite size pieces and make connections that reflect why you are the expert they need to work with or why your products are superior in comparison to others in your niche. Personalizing content so that it resonates with the user, and creating intentional flow throughout the site, are key steps in creating a connection and converting a viewer into a client or customer.

3. What SOLUTION do my offerings provide? Just like your marketing, your website content should be focused on providing solutions to your visitor's problems. They've stopped in for a reason, now it's time to clearly draw them to your products and services as the perfect solution. Consider incorporating educational content such as blog posts, how-to guides or tutorials to further highlight your expertise. Photo or project portfolios are also great ways to highlight your offerings in action.

Website content - both written and visual - can be difficult to develop, so having a strategy can be extremely beneficial. When developing your strategy, remember:

1. Does my website ATTRACT?

2. Am I creating a CONNECTION?

3. What SOLUTION do my offerings provide?

... and you'll be heading down the right pathway to showing up beautifully online!

Want guidance and support along your journey? Reach out, I'd be so very happy to infuse some magic into your business. I offer 1:1 mentoring/training sessions or full website and brand design packages and everything in between. 

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