Are you making this DIY Designer Mistake?

Are you using the wrong logo file type on your website? Here's an easy way to tell: 


This is my website home page - Clearly the first looks more polished and professional.

The key is that you want to use a PNG file type so you can include either a transparent background or a circular shape without the square background around it.

If yours looks like the second example, don't worry! It's a simple fix!

      1. Use Canva to design your logo or drop it into Canva to use the Remove Background tool found in the Edit Image feature.
      2. Be sure you download the new logo file as a PNG with a transparent background!
      3. Simply upload it back into your website or use it in your social media designs!
      4. And there you have an instant logo upgrade so you look like a pro and you show up beautifully online!
      5. Not yet on Canva? Sign up with this LINK! It's the best design tool out there and great for beginners with no design experience. The templates alone are the bomb for inspo!

 Now for further insight on logo placements....

Are you using the right file type for your other logo placements? Here's a quick guide of design file types:

JPEG** best for digital use, like websites and social media platforms.

PNG** ideal for digital use with transparency, perfect for placing your logo on top of images or coloured backgrounds.

EPS** offers high-quality resolution and scalability, great for print and apparel.

PDF** compatible for both digital and print, retains high-quality vector images, and is ideal for logos with multiple components.

SVG** scalable vector file type that offers excellent resolution quality and is great for online use.

Using the right file type ensures your logo looks its best across different placements, from digital to print. We can create most of these file types in Canva, but if you are looking for an EPS design for apparel printing, you'll want to use Photoshop or Illustrator to ensure your print comes out as expected!

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